Special Education

      • Adopting specific strategies can help special needs children to be an effective advocate.
      • Professionals work as a team and attend to the needs of various disabilities .
      • Special Educators.
      • Occupational Therapist.
      • Physio Therapist.
      • Yoga Therapist.
      • Speech  Language Therapist.
      • Vocational Traning Teacher.
      • School Psychologists.
      • School Psychologists lead the assessment team and the Professionals work together to  develop Individual Education plan.
      • Special Education in Visual Impairment
      • Visual impairment impacts a child’s ability to learn about his world .
    • Special  Educator in VI helps children in the following areas:
    • Pre braille skills.Orientation and Mobility.
    • Tactile stimulation.
    • Foster Independence.
    • Adaptive techniques.

Vocational Training

  • Students are trained in the following areas:
  • Making mats using weaving machine.
  • Preparation of phenoyl, camphor, agarbathi and soap oil.
  • It paves way for job opportunities.
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